Monday, 26 September 2011

Finale: Part 3 and The Reunion

So let’s get down to the votes:
The Warrior (JT) (Coach’s vote), JT, JT,  and the winner of Survivor Tocantins- JT…
JT, is the second winner to sweep every single jury vote. The last was Earl Cole in  Fiji, and lets face it- nobody would have voted to Dreamz or Cassandra. Well, JT’s win is deserving,  but as I mentioned- my vote would have been for Stephen.
I think JT got votes because he did a better job at swaying the jury than Stephen did. Stephen, as some may put it, suffered for Amanda-syndrome as he made the same mistakes that she did- dodging the jury’s questions and not owning up to their strategic plays.
In all fairness to Stephen, he was definitely stunned that JT would throw him under the bus so easily and quickly and he certainly did not expect it. And as it turns out, I was right that JT was faking being upset to gain some extra votes

Unity in a tribe pre-merge is important. As Brendon says that it was because Timbira was so dysfunctional and that’s why the tribe lost numbers post-merge and splintered apart.
Erinn points how her big move was realizing that she was at the bottom of the totem pole in her tribe and by jumping ship, she had a better chance of winning.
A special moment was given to Taj and the memorable scene at the auction was shown again. Jeff says that her husband, Eddie George, should be on Survivor.
Tyson was also given a special tribute and his funnier scenes were shown. If u read the older blog posts, you will know that Tyson will return for Survivor soon.
The audience loves Sierra- no surprise. She mentions how much she grew after initially being on the outside of her tribe.
Coach gets a lot of screen time. We get reminded about his stories about the amazon and the shark attack and whatever else. As a surprise, Coach also had a polygraph test and it turns out he was being honest- so he was really captured by a cannibal tribe in the Amazon. Jeff says he the one of the most colorful and controversial characters ever- and I agree. Coach is a really good player to watch return.
Debbi’s schools is happy for her, Sydney is back modeling (no surprise) and Spencer had a blast, Jerri reminds everyone how dangerous it was, Candice is on commercials, Joes infection has cleared, and Carolina is happy that a Jalapoa person wins (***Spoiler- Carolina will be  sitting on the second row in season 22, but she will not be playing- confusing?) And who can forget Sandy?
JT redeems himself by saying that he could not have done it without Stephen and Jeff reminds them that they are not at tribal council anymore.
A really nice way to end this season J
Next Season we take a tribe to Samoa. Having watched the season already, I can  confirm that it is one of the best and a final jury vote that is the most controversial ever. We get to meet Russel Hantz- you better learn that name because he will be the most polarizing players between season 19 and season 23, where his legacy remains. Until then…
Just as this season has ended, so too must this blog. I had a lot of fun writing this blog and I cant wait to do it again for the next season. Thank you to my readers and to the people who spread the word about my blog- without your support, I wouldn’t have given up, but I would have lost some of my enthusiasm. Another special thanks to TrueDorkTimes and some of the Survivors- Stephen, Erinn, Taj, Sugar and Parvati to name a few, for the tweets and questions I had about the show that they answered on twitter .Starting this blog, my target was 500 readers, and that seemed impossible. But shockingly, it grew to 1020 in a short time and I was amazed. At times I was a bit obsessive, but what can in I say- I’m a die hard fan.  I am going to miss blogging this season L
Well until next season….